Loss of Data?

If you have suffered a loss of data, we give you a few recommendations that you should follow to avoid making your problem worse and have greater chances of recovering the data once it arrives at Digital Recovery.

Loss of Data

When a possible loss of data has occurred, the anxiety caused by the problem may lead to decisions that hamper the recovery of your data. Remain calm and follow our advice; they will help you avoid making wrong decisions that affect the data recovery process.

If a physical problem is involved, by restarting your device you may exacerbate the data loss or even cause new damage, to the point of making any attempt to recover the hard disk data fruitless.

Do not try to make your disk work using adapters, external housings or any other device.
When the motor of your disk spins, this may lead to more severe damage and even cause a short circuit.

All information is recoverable as long as it is not overwritten. Reinstalling programs or the operating system is performed over the hard disk itself, at the risk of partially or fully overwriting the information that you wish to recover.

Most commercial data recovery programs only provide solutions to very specific problems, and may even contain viruses. Remember that, on the internet, nothing comes for free. Therefore, you should make sure that the software that you use fits your problem, and that it does no other harmful operation, hampering the subsequent hard disk recovery.

A hard disk is a highly complex and delicate device; it should only be opened by professional, qualified personnel in a laboratory that has the right technical and physical conditions provided by class 100 clean rooms.