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is qualified and has significant experience in advanced data recovery; Firmware repair; repair and recovery of logical and physical damages; data recovery from NAND devices such as USB, SD, Micro SD, cellphones and Smartphones, and hard disks of any type, model, brand, interface and capacity. We specialize in recoveries due to physical damages in magnetic heads, spindle motor, magnetic plates, actuators, logic boards, etc. Any file system on Windows (NTFS and FAT), MAC, Linux, Unix, Novell, NetWare and any other in existence.

Specialized Engineers and Technicians

We also specialize in the reconstruction and recovery of Magnetic Data Tapes of any format, and even devices that have over 30 years.
Our R&D processes succeed in keeping us always at the forefront of recovery in the newest devices on the market.
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Regardless of the damage or state of your device, we can help you recover your data.

We offer you or your company a track record of over 25 years, an excellent customer service, commitment, confidentiality and continuous training.