We are a group of Engineers and Data Specialists

who, for over 25 years, have been providing individuals, companies and governments with the best technologies in existence and the greatest commitment to keeping all of their data in good hands, in perfect conditions and always available. Today we have the good fortune of being the best professional data recovery company in the entire American continent, and through our partner, iRecovery Data, this holds true in Europe as well.

Digital Recovery Group is also a collective of people who, with solid roots in honesty, friendliness, commitment, leadership and respect, strengthen our company with the purpose of bringing you the best service, since we know that we are dealing with your most important asset, second only to your human resources: your data.
The safety, recovery, analysis, backup and optimal management of your information is what makes us tick and what leads us to garner more and more satisfied customers every day, as a result of our assertive care for their digital information.
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We have presence in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Italy, Spain,
Croatia, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, among others.

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Growing with our allies and customers, fostering their technological development, is our greatest satisfaction.