Specialized engineers and technicians ensure the recovery of your information, with the same structure, names and order as it was before the incident.

We work on any magnetic, solid-state (SSD) or hybrid storage device, such as hard disks, IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, Magnetic Data Tapes of any type or format, NAS and SAN units, regardless of the type of RAID system.
Servers with any setup and Data Centers.
We even work on any USB, MMC, SD, MicroSD, cellphone and Smartphone memory, even when they have been deleted or formatted, or even unusable or destroyed.
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We ensure:

  • 100% good customer service and care

  • 100% quality in processes

  • 100% information confidentiality

  • 100% data integrity

  • 100% commitment to the environment

  • 100% low prices and the most adequate for you

The diagnosis will be delivered on the same day we have received the damaged storage media, where we will outline:

• The problem
• How long the recovery could take
• Processes to be performed
• Cost of the recovery

The recovery process will only be paid by you if you authorize it, and if you are satisfied with the recovered information.